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Thread: Hello From Cape Town

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    Hello From Cape Town

    Hi guys!

    Just a quick introduction. I live in Brackenfell Cape Town. I have been lurking around on this forum for a while now and decided to join. Obviously I love Knives and have come across some great info and articles on this forum. I was introduced to this forum a while ago after receiving a PM from a member (can't remember the username ) on ESEE Forum.

    I'm really looking forward to learn and contribute to this forum!

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    O no! Just saw a notice that the forum will be closing in a couple of days!! Is there another local Forum I can join or is this it??

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    Hi Franna, welcome but bad timing!

    there arent any other local forums unfortunately but there are some good international ones like British Blades, Blade Forum, Usual Suspect Network to name a few. just google the names and see which you like.

    sorry you didnt have a chance to join in on here but hope to see you on one of the others!



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    Franna, be sure to contact.....

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