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Hats off to you Jason, you've achieved a hell of a lot in a year. you should be very proud mate!
Thanks Clive

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Jason, thanks for the detailed post of your life change! its been a privalage to be part of this!
You have some serious skills mate! and the attitude of doing it right first time is a serious lesson for me.
You deserve all the success that you have achieved and more!
I would love to see you at Blade 2016 with a table full of elites!

I wish you all the best!
Thanks Clyde.... never forget, why know how, but not why lol we have both learnt from one another

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Congrats Jason. Well done and good luck for the future. Not everyone knows and appreciates the amt of time this knife making thing takes. There are far easier ways to make money The insight on how you made a success so fast is good advise to many of who have been in the game a long time and for those just starting out. And the strongest point I picked up in this is stick to what you are passionate about. Coz without that passion the long hours and continuous repetition can be mind and soul destroying.
Absolutely Tim!!! Its tuff, but with right mind set, we can achieve whatever.... I have a philosophy, ANYONE can teach you anything. be humble and listen to any man speak. You will be pleasantly surprised when they say something you did not know or realize. We can all learn from each other. It just depends how hard you want it.

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Well done Jason, you have achieved an awful lot in a very short space of time, that deserves a real pat on the back-- amazing journey, and I am glad to have been a very small part of it--- #9 is my small part
Thanks Dave....

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Jason it has been a pleasure to see your progress. You have done things the right way and I wish you every success for 2015.

Now only two things remain.......Build a flipper version and start hitting Blade and the USN Gathering!

All the best

Thanks Steven,
Thanks for you help during certain times. I think i'm going to be needing your help and advice for USN 2016 if that is ok. We are going to drag Clyde with us...

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Jason all I can say is well done!!! The US is not the only land of opportunity [emoji6]

Nothing in life comes easy. This again is testimony to that and shows that with a plan and perseverance comes success.

All the best for the new year and thank you for the time, chats and off course, the Ranger this year [emoji106]
Thank you Corne....

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Well done man, I hope to follow a similar journey soon, but I also can't wait to get my ranger glad I made it before you closed the books!
Good luck Yosarian! Also glad you made it in!

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Great job!
As always.... thanks Sean... you helped me get this far too you know

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Thanks Jason. This caps an amazing year. It's been an awesome experience to follow your evolution through the year. It is a honor to own one of the first (#4) and now this last of 2014 versions. This knife is truly spectacular. No photo can do justice to this knife. It is like no other that I've seen in person, handled or owned. It is a level higher, a first for me. This knife deserves a price tag much higher than what it currently sells for but I'm sure the market will align itself to the true value.

We have so much talent in this country. We are blessed with makers that can reach the highest levels in knife making. I want to believe the Ranger series will in time get the local and international accolades it deserves.

Thanks for allowing me to be part of this journey Jason.

Thank you again Francois.... You have also helped with design influences! You were defiantly one of the BETA tester (as you put it). And an motivation inspirer....

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Jason, that recurve Ranger is absolutely stunning, nice to see the rounded plunge lines -- Francois, great pics-- are those taken with your new Nikon? they couldent be any better and do serious justice to your latest addition-- what a score. Well done both of you, I hope that 2015 will be an even better year.
Thanks dave! best for your new year too!!!

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Jason, awesome journey that you have set on. It takes a special kind of person to do what you do all those long hours. (I get bored when doing the same design three times in a row. LOL) Awesome knives.
Thank you Kobus, I starting getting horribly gatvol after around the 8th knife was out!!! lol..... Now im completely over it, and can stick at it easily, focusing on improving as I go, and finding better ways to get jobs done via Jig's ect. each process has to be thought out extensively, making sure you have the best setup to get it done as fast and mistake-less as possible. Im still making jigs, its never ends. I will eventually have a jig that helps me arch over the grinder so my back doesn't strain .

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I love mine.
Hows about a Pic of your Rangers Sean....