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Thread: Andre Thorburn Left handed folder

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    Andre Thorburn Left handed folder

    For sale is a Andre Thorburn LL22 tactical folder. This is a left handed model. This is a user. I only see people collecting his work, but never use. I did some light cutting with it, mostly in the kitchen. It has some pocket wear on the back spacers, carbon fibre and clip. I also dropped it and it has 2 very small chips on the front and back tip of the carbon fibre. It’s so small I can’t get it captured on a photo. Disclosing anyway. Some light scratches on the blade as well from normal use.

    It has carbon fibre scales and the blade is made of RWL-34 steel. It has blue anodised liners. The blade is 95 mm long and 3, 5 mm thick according to my calliper. The entire knife is 216 mm long. It comes with a sheep skin pouch.

    It has the smoothest opening I have ever felt on a knife. It flicks open with a slight push of the thumb, no wrist movement needed.

    I used it as an EDC for a while, but wanted something bulkier. I got a Grayman Satu folder.

    I wanted to send it to Andre first for a Spa Treatment but for some reason can’t reach him

    Asking - WITHDRAWN. Postage would be for the account of the buyer.

    Andre Thorburn (5).jpg
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    Price dropped to R2,200.

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    I have decided to withdraw the knife. My price is ridiculously low with no takers. I was able to reach Andre and will be taking the blade in for a Spa Treatment in December. I will then put her in the safe.

    Just for interest sake, this knife with it's current specs, excluding the IKBS system as mine is a earlier model, now retails fro R5,000.

    Anyho, thanks for looking.

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