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Thread: LaGana Tactical Tomahawk ("VTAC")

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    LaGana Tactical Tomahawk ("VTAC")

    Hi Guys,

    This is my first sale on the Forum. Hope I don't break any rules

    I want to sell a LaGana Tactical Tomahawk ("VTAC"). It's made by American Tomahawk Company. Here are the spec according to the website:

    Steel: Drop-Forged 1060, Rc 52-54**
    Handle: ST “super-tough” modified nylon
    Ergonomics: Oval design – indexing finger grooves
    Overall Weight: 1 lb./453.59 grams practical*
    Overall Length: 14”/355.6mm practical*
    Sheath: Jumpable nylon – LBE/LBV, MOLLE, Sling, Belt

    When I received it I threw it at a tree a couple of times to make it stick, it didn't work for me, so I gave up. The only other work it did was when I used the side of the axe head to hit some tent pegs into the ground. That was kinda stupid as it left some marks. Fortunately the paint did not come off. On the top of the hawk the paint is peeling at a small spot. This must be a user, not a safe queen.

    I have never seen them locally available. I imported it a couple of years ago after I saw the Last of the Mohicans They retail online for roughly $130. As most of you know importing ads between 50 to 100% on the dollar price. I would like to get (R1,200) - R1,000 for it. Shipping will be to the cost of the buyer.

    Here are some close-ups:

    Tomahawk (2).jpg

    Tomahawk (5).jpg

    Tomahawk (6).jpg

    Tomahawk (4).jpg

    Tomahawk (3).jpg

    Tomahawk (1).jpg

    This hawk's handle is super strong. See the link where they drive over it with a SUV whilst leaning it at an angle:

    Tomahawk (7).jpg

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    No interest ?

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    Price drop. R1,000. Can't go any lower.

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