Hello all,
Well, summer is winding down and many are thinking of the upcoming fall season and, since I always get a call for some BUKs, I thought I’d get a couple out early. I hope you like them and thanks again.

"B.U.K." (Basic Utility Knife)

This is a no-frills, no-nonsense, low-profile work knife. These B.U.Ks are forged from 1/8" thick 1084 high carbon steel (6" overall with a 2 3/4" cutting edge) and have a hand-rubbed finish with forge marked/acid soaked flats and visible hamon/quench line. The handle scales are 1/8" thick “Hunter Orange” (top) and "Olive Green" (bottom) G-10 with a pin and lanyard liner (acting as the second pin) in stainless steel. These knives come with a molded black Kydex sheath with a removable/reversible belt loop.
Price, with Kydex sheath: $190.00 (each) plus shipping.

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