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    Check Mate

    I started with the notion of thinking I could sharpen anything on my little Sharpmaker , actually it should have read Sharpkeeper ....

    And so my journey began , short lived a few Pm's later had me in contact with the Rook : Formerly the piece was called the tower, marquess, rector, and comes (Sunnucks 1970). The term castle is considered informal, incorrect, or old-fashioned. Old fashioned yes , yet less than legendary known on this forum as MAD Rookie , so a barrage of emails later .... bish bang sent my most coveted possessions to the Tower , what can I say , in the old days you had certain craftsman that would lend you their trade ... he lent me more ...

    S90V (Millie) - toothy edge , yet the bevel lent itself to easy maintenance , 2 weeks of kitchen duty still tip top edge , amazing ....

    S30V - (PM2) - a fubar bevel , fixed and ready to shave ...

    ZDP-189 - for some reason he put an almost mirror edge on this one , think it's attributed to the nature of the steel but WOW ...

    I know this tread is useless without pictures , but I thought I would just give my philosophical view on a despondency towards the craft of sharp making ...

    Check mate ... uncle Rook , you are a true craftsman and I would recommend you to anyone ....

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    - ja, bit of a fundi, eh!

    - there's sharp...........there's scary sharp.............then there's Rookie sharp

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    Haha, the tower thanks ye.

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