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Thread: Watch Photography

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    Watch Photography

    Shown below are links to a very interesting 3-part series on watch photography. Its shares a number of our desires, and frustrations, encountered when trying to photograph a precision item with reflective surfaces.

    For the watch enthusiasts you might also enjoy moving on to authors site and viewing some of his watch photography work.

    Viewing the site is only permitted if you promise to return to SABlade!

    ..... A Word of warning!
    Viewing on the site might prove to be seriously damaging to your bank balance.
    At the first sign of weakness return here immediately!.....

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    Good post Sir.

    Thx - got plenty of work to do in this category....

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    Must agree , one of the categories I never really get right . Always trying though

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    I always managed to get involved with unique, difficult photo projects. But boy what a learnining experience !!

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