Rules for the SABlade Shopping Centre.

By either advertising or purchasing in the shopping centre you are deemed to have read these rules and accepted them and agreed to abide by them., it's owners, employee, service providers or anyone involved in the site accept NO responsibility for any loss or forfeiture of goods or money as a result of using the online sales service known as the Shopping Centre here at SABlade.

Any post deemed to be an advert, found outside the Shopping Centre forums will be deleted and the poster issued with an infraction. Attempts to circumvent our advertising rules with "clever language" or adverts disguised as something else will get you a week’s holiday in the sin bin. We don’t mind honest mistakes, but we take exception to people trying get around the system.

Ok folks here we go with the Shopping Centre...........
As you can see I have posted some rules for both buyers and sellers. Please take a few minutes to read them. They are here for your protection. Things seem to go pear shaped quickly when money in involved and we seek to limit everyones exposure to problems.

I ask everyone to be fair and honest in your dealings with one another. The knife community is small and reputations are important.
Please treat others as you would like to be treated.

Question-Who can use the Shopping Centre?
Answer-Anyone no matter what their membership level can PURCHASE items in the Shopping Centre. However to sell in the Shopping Centre you need a paid subscription. They are as follows...........

DEALER / MATERIALS PROVIDER - A dealer is defined as anyone who purchases at wholesale pricing, or purchases items with the intent to resell. Other terms for dealers include purveyor, broker, reseller, importer, manufacturer. Materials providers offer raw materials such as steel, handle materials, or other items as typical stock.
Subscription cost-R400-00 Per Year

KNIFEMAKER / CRAFTSMAN / SERVICE PROVIDER (hearafter referred to as "Knifemaker") - Knifemaker's are allowed to sell unlimited items that they have personally created in the "Knifemaker For Sale" forums. They can also sell any of their own personal and private knives, gadgets and gear and knifemaking materials in the "Private Individual for Sale" forum
Subscription cost-R120-00 Per Year

GOLD MEMBERS - Gold members are allowed to post in any of the "Individual For Sale" forums to sell any of their own personal and private knives and gadgets and gear.
Subscription cost-R120-00 Per Year

BASIC MEMBERS/ REGISTERED USERS- Basic members are not allowed to post items for sale. Doing so will result in a 7 day ban.

From now on if you are NOT a Dealer or Knifemaker with a paid membership you MAY NOT post your company name, website or details anywhere on your username or signature.

General Rules for Selling

Use common sense - Be 100% sure you are ready to go before you do anything.
At any stage before money has changed hands, either party can back out.

Sellers -

Be 100% sure that you want to sell the item and are satisfied with the selling price

Provide an honest and detailed description.

Provide as many photos as possible, in the best lighting possible.

When in doubt, be pessimistic with your descriptions.

Be specific with all details of payment and delivery. Ship promptly, ship with insurance if the buyer specifies it.

Do not sell defective products, or attempt to hide defects

All ads should be placed in ONE appropriate forum. NO CROSS POSTING OF ADS IN MULTIPLE FORUMS. If you post in the wrong forum contact one of the moderators and we will move it for you.

All items offered for sale must be priced. No "Auctions or bids" are allowed.

Sellers must have valid contact information and provide it to the site staff upon request.

Sellers must have their profile set to allow contact from other members, moderators & administrators via email.

Please indicate in the original post after the item has been sold or traded. It would be nice if you locked the thread too.

You are not required to delete or leave in place the original or final selling price. That is your choice. My advice is to remove the sales price.

If you are a dealer you Must Have A Dealer Membership To Sell On This Site. If you are dealing without a Dealer membership please understand that we will lock your account and you will loose the ability to sell.

Thread titles must be accurate and descriptive.

You may only open 2 sales threads in each forum per calendar week.(This does not apply to dealers) You may add or delete items from a thread but we ask you not to open multiple threads selling the same item. Please do not duplicate threads.

Buyers -

Be 100% sure that you can financially afford to purchase the item before offering to do so.

Ask every question you can before the deal is agreed upon.

Be prompt with your payment.

Provide an accurate address. Make sure the seller has that address.

Verify your shipping preferences.If you choose not to have your package insured to save money, it is your responsibility.

Please do not............

Do not list items, or offer services that are illegal.

Do not post items for sale or trade if you do not have them in your physical possession.

Do not list items for sale unless you are 100% sure that you want to sell them - no "testing the waters" to gauge buyer interest.

No sales for third parties. If your "friend" wants an item sold, they must create their own account and list it themselves.

You may not use the Private Message system to tout or ask for unsolicited business. Please place your ads and let potential customers contact you.

Do not bump threads with "Free bump for a nice guy" or "Beautiful item" or other similar posts. Threads may only be bumped ONCE every 72 hours. (three days)

Do not chat or discuss the items in the thread itself. Any "chatting" about items will earn you an infraction. ABSOLUTELY NO COMMENTARY OR FEEDBACK IN SOMEONE'S SALES THREAD. Seriously, if you stomp on someone's ad the sin bin beckons.......

Do not post in an ad thread unless you are interested in the item and you need more info on that item. (see the above rule)

Do not post lower offers in threads. If you want to make an offer please do so with a Private Message.

You may NOT sell: Firearms, Firearm Parts, Ammunition, Reloading Components or any items regulated in terms of the Firearms Control Act of 2000.

WHEN IN DOUBT, ask the moderation staff. Our forum operate on honesty and integrity.

Please treat others as you would like to be treated.