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Thread: Gallery of my work

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    Gallery of my work

    Thought I'd keep it nice and tidy and start with a gallery, more will be added over time:

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    ThAt blue one with the skull is so hot.

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    Knifemaker Member Beau BDeyeForge's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    All gorgeous blades , some of those folders really grab my attention.

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    member James Clarke's Avatar
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    That bowie!
    Age si quid agis - If you do something, do it well

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Clarke View Post
    That bowie!
    That was an intense build! 8mm thick at the spine, highly polished (you can see the piece of paper I taped over the light-bulb to diffuse the light - early days!) full flat ground, the blade catch was 15K rose gold, the guard was milled from 10mm stainless to match the handle shape, fileworked, raised and radiused tang, thick ivory slabs, fluted to match the bolsters, domed pins, Spanish notch - the works! 42cm from tip to tail

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    Damn nice blades bro.
    Dig the olive drab folder!

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