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look after yourselves

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I was playing merrily with my kids on Sunday and while hoisting one of them in the air, as I have done so many times, something pulled in my wrist. For the first few hours I couldn't even pick up a glass of water. Much ice and anti inflammatories later I can use my hand for the most part. Now I pride myself in having pretty strong hands. When I went to the physio to have my wrists checked out she did a test that said i had a 70kg pressure grip in my right hand. It is now pretty much useless for the kind of work I do. I can't hold a hammer, I couldn't even open my workshop yesterday to do any work because I lacked the strength to even open the alluminium roller door. Today is much better but I am far from healed. I was able to open the shop today and did some grinding, though slowly, and assembled some handles. This couldn't have come at a worse time with DEKS and Huntex looming closer.

So even when doing simple things always be mindful of your hands. It is a slow and frustrating world when only one hand works.

Be Safe

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  1. akrause's Avatar
    Eish Stu, hope you heal well and soon.
    I've got the early signs of arthritis with stiff knuckles and painful wrists. Had to make a jig for grinding. Something like this happens so quick.

    So I agree with Stu be careful with your hand you only have two and one is useless without the other! Dont put off to make that knife!!
  2. Mike Bowler's Avatar
    I have severe Arthritis in both my wrists and hands had my carpal tunnel done to strength has gone in both wrists and hands .I can't get in the workshop as much now because of the pain I go though.
  3. NielSteyn's Avatar
    URM yeah, learned that the hard way - no fun grinding with no left thumb....