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Just in case...

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Too expensive you say? What do you do for a living? A doctor? Interesting… how long did you study, seven years? Well listen Mr. doctor. I have a cold, I know have a cold, so I come to you. Five minutes later you have diagnosed my cold, and written me a prescription. On the way out I pay your secretary with the nice legs R300.
But, you say, you studied seven years just in case it was not a cold but freakin’ hairy spider meningitis.

Well, I did a six years apprenticeship as cabinetmaker just in case you wanted a wooden box with hand cut dovetails, inlays and carving to put a knife in. Then I made knives for another six years just in case you ordered a knife for the box, and seven years of blacksmithing just in case you wanted a forged steel dining room table to put under the box with the knife inside. Then I did another five years of foundry work for the off chance that you might want a cast bronze handle for the knife, and two years of jewellery just in case you wanted silver fittings on the knife’s sheath.
I spend at least an hour a day doing research, studying techniques, designs, materials and another two hours behind the drawing board, just in case I get a client who does not want a generic product.

So, take you generic little car and drive back to your practice and prescribe generic medicines to your patients before I break your knee with my four pound straight peen which I forge with for a minimum of ten hours a week, just in case…
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  1. 2Tim215's Avatar
    Good one Tiaan - Had a good laugh and my wife who is a nurse who has to deal with "minnie me lab coat gods" had a longer laugh - I have learnt that the ones who have money always b!#@ about price - maybe that's why they have money and we don't. Doesn't mean they should look down on the crafts man though!
  2. Henning wilkinson's Avatar
    Well said bud if only our skills could be put in a book i reckon you would study a hell of a lot longer than 7years
  3. Dramako's Avatar
    HUZZAH!!! Couldnt have said it better, even if I tried to.