Soul of a knife

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Knife of soul? I've always wondered about that. I have read the paragraphs about the artist imbuing his soul into the steel through hammer blows,heat treatment and other stages in the making of something special. I've also read of it romanticized in legends like Excalibur and also of people asking where the soul is and can you point to it in the knife. Or, cold steel don't have soul son, it's got edge, toughness and nothing like it when you just need a knife.
Got me thinking that both points are right. Maybe the word soul is the problem and not the knife.
I know that after I've made a knife that I'm never going to recoup the hours I spent on that knife in what I charge for it - I'm a slow knife maker and that's fine with me. I also know that the blade wasn't designed for ease of replication or something that may sell but rather a drawing at 11PM the night before. It didn't come out the way I drew it, hopefully better, and I certainly know I won't be able to make exactly the same knife, probably because i don't really want to.
And it may not sell, not for too long I hope. And it may not fit everyone's hand and the blade may not be that likable to most and the proportions may be somewhat different to the knives other guys have made that I love.
But I love that damn knife cause it's got soul - my soul. And this is the crux, my knife, my soul, my 11PM journey into the imagination of making a knife I want to make.
So, knife of soul could be interpreted as knife of mine. And that is probably the closest I am to soul.

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  1. TALLDAVE's Avatar
    Well said-- as a fellow forger, I go thru the same feelings, you just put it very eloquently into words
  2. Jacques de Villiers's Avatar
    In the movie that depicts the struggle prior to the Alamo back in the American frontier days they put in a bit of fictionalized history of Jim Bowie forging the first knife set to carry his name into the future from a meteorite they found in the desert. In the movie the narator states that Jim forged a bit of heaven and a bit of hell into that blade. That set me thinking as a young boy already, does every thing that is made with care and tenderness imbued with a bit of the maker's soul?