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As a software developer who stares at a computer screen for most of the week, when the weekend arrives I ditch the laptop and get away from working in my head to working with my hands. I've been following this ritual for 10 plus years, this desire to create something physical with purpose, with form and function and most importantly, something I want to make.
I'm not taking about painting the wall or repairing the gate or any DIY task that my wife wants fixed. There are plumbers, painters, tilers who do this stuff, And they sit outside Builders Express just hoping for a job to pay for dinner.
I started making wood furniture the proper way, dovetails, tenons, mortises, lap joints, y'know, the way that lasts and gets stronger as it gets older. Anyway, I haven't put a piece of furniture together, except a knife display cabinet, since December 2012 after a forging class with Stu Smith.
I have exactly 32 finished knives in my garage and they sit there keeping me company as I work on number 33.
The reason I have 32 knives in the garage is not because I'm thinking of hosting a expo, but because I like to make knives for myself. Please don't get me wrong, These are not knifes that I use every day.
These are knives that I loved sweating over in the forge, letting the steel guide me in the design, choosing a handle material that spoke to me, struggling with the guard fit and feeling that sense of accomplishment once it was all done.
So, I attended Huntex at the beginning of 2013 and piled a stack of business cards on the table along with some knives. I was happy, I sold some knives and that joy came of realizing that people actually liked the knives I made.
But I left the flipping business cards on the table.
I got a bunch of requests for forged knives, along with emailed hand drawn pictures of the required design along with specs on the length, handle material and sheath design.
And then I got started making knives to order.
And my weekends became this chore of going into the garage to make a knife by next month to a specific design. And then the weekends sucked.
The next request I got I turned down, and the next after that. I finally got my weekends back.
I make knives because I love making my knives. One day I may have the skill and time to replicate a designed request but right now I have Saturday, Sunday, steel and fun.

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  1. johnny's Avatar
    that's the way to do it!