Blade Aftermath...........

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The show began a little slow this year as the memorial weekend delayed the early set up of the booths. Usually the show is all set up by thursday at noon but this year they were still working on the friday morning. As a result it seemed that things got off to a slow start but as usual much of the very popular stuff was sold before the show officially opened.

The show had a distinctly different feel this year compared to two years ago. Many of the serious collectors were not present and some of the regular faces were absent. As usual the first few hours are spent running around to your favourite makers hoping to get a knife before they are all gone. The friday absolutely flew by and it seemed that the day passed in just a few hours. I acquired almost all my purchases within the first 6 hours of the show and after that the big walk was on as I attempted to see everything in the room.

Blade has become the premier show for dealers to acquire stock. All the big internet dealers are present and all are running around trying hard to buy as much as possible. Custom knife dealing has become big business and there are some serious players in the market. The internet has changed the face of the knife industry.

One of the changes I noticed this year was the huge proliferation of drawings for knives. It seemed that even the less popular middle of the road makers seemed to have drawings for their knives. Personally this irritates me because I travel a long way and make every effort to get to a table first, if a knife that I want is unsold I want to buy it........

The only lottery I enter regularly is the Bose draw. Two years ago I was lucky but this year I never had a bite. What always amazes me about Tony's knives is just how reasonably priced they are, but as soon as they hit the aftermarket they double in price. Many people come to the show just to enter these draw's and immediately resell the knife, a boon for the dealers but a shame that often a collector or genuine enthusiast gets shut out. The Hinderer draw had over 500 people.

Well the show is over for another year and everyone has fled the Waverley heading in all directions. Tomorrow I head to New Hampshire to visit Howard Hitchmough for a few days. I will be off the forum for a few days............
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  1. Buffalohump's Avatar
    Thanks for your impressions, Steve! It sounds like a real circus bro. A lot of things have changed like you say. Its a little sad that the money-making aspect seems to have taken over big time. I'm glad to hear you managed to get some goodies though. Would love to see more pics when you have time...
  2. marthinus's Avatar
    Thank you for your thoughts Steven. I have been scanning the online retailers and it is amazing to see how many Blade show knives are available to purchase, but at incredibly high prices.

    Keep safe!