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Hi Folks,

Well I left SA about three weeks ago and stopped in London to see my folks. London was freezing with some daily temperatures as low as 6c!

Walking around London the place has a distinct air of austerity. The usual busy West End Streets were very quiet and a number of the shops I went into were all but empty.

One of the things I really used to enjoy doing in London was visiting the huge record and DVD stores to browse for hard to find albums and films. Alas they are almost all gone now with only one HMV store in Oxford Rd still operating, the web has killed the record store.

I left Heathrow on Saturday from Terminal 5 heading outbound to Atlanta on a new Boeing 777.
For those who dont know the 777 in a large twin engine widebody jet which is almost the size of a 747B and is very comfortable.

The plane was full as the previous day at Heathrow an Airbus 319 on it's way to Oslo had a birdstrike and lost it's Port engine which then required a full emergency landing and evacuation from the aircraft.
This caused a huge cancellation of flights and a number of those passengers were moved to my flight..............Little did I know that this errant goose was going to affect my trip as well.

We landed in Atlanta and moved quickly and efficiently through immigration only to wait an eternity at the carousel for our bags. Well when I heard my name on PA system I knew..........."Heathrow, we have a problem"

It seems that the huge backlog of bags from all the cancelled flights at Heathrow caused a breakdown of the luggage system and my suitcase was still in the fun began.

For those of you who have experienced this you know what a pain it is. Because of liquid restrictions you can no longer carry you toiletries so brushing teeth, deodorant, shampoo.........all gone. Not to mention clean clothes and all those small things you take for granted like the adapter for your laptop charger

Anyway because of the delays in getting my bags I missed the hotel shuttle and I was left with a cab ride to the hotel.
I always enjoy staying at the Waverley hotel and they were very nice and helpful and even held the little hotel store open so I could buy a few things.

Well BA fixed the problem in 24 hours and this morning at 04h30 the phone rang to tell me that my bag had arrived.
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
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