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For a couple of weeks or maybe a couple of days I have been seeing this new tab: "Blogs". Today I clicked on it, and it shows nothing. No results, niks. What is a "blog" anyway? The word sounds like something unsavoury landing after a very long drop. "Log" I know, from watching too many episodes of William Shatner doing his Captain Kirk thing "Ships log Stardate we blasted seven Romulans, a Borg and a Klingon to their various gods..." So I guess a blog is something similar, without the stardates and the funny clothes and the communicator thingy on the lapel that goes "beebelty beepy beep", at which the natives of Procyon 5 would summarily try to eat Kirk and company. (These days it is made by Nokia, lives in the pants pocket and still irritates the heck out of the natives.).

A blog on SABlade is strange. I mean, there are all these post by guys who make knives, buy knives, cut with knives, slice and dice with knives, and some might even sleep with knives under their pillows or stashed in a special pouch inside their silky boxers. (Very possible, it takes all sorts to make a world). So, with all these posts and pictures and links and comments and threads and threats, the latter mostly from the mods... Tangent coming: "Mods" 1960's Great Britain, "rockers" and "mods". Rockers in leathers and brylcreemed ducktails with cafe racers, mods in suits and pageboy cuts with scooters... why is it necesary to have a blog feature?
The powers that be should know better! Because there is another species on this forum that has a tendency towards total irreverence, whose approach to knifemaking borders on the certifiable, who, despite his / her / their best attempts at normalcy would not be able to resist the temptation of posting a thing that sounds like something last heard on a go-cart behind threadbare canvas somewhere in the bush:
"Troep! Het jy 'n dooie hond geŽet?"
"Nee Korporaal, dis die ratpacks!"

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  1. Samurai Stu's Avatar
    this inspired me to start my own .... blog. Thanks Tiaan. Remember to watch out for Klingons hanging around Uranus.
  2. 2Tim215's Avatar
    Oh boy can I still smell those ratpacks!