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  1. Just in case...

    Too expensive you say? What do you do for a living? A doctor? Interesting… how long did you study, seven years? Well listen Mr. doctor. I have a cold, I know have a cold, so I come to you. Five minutes later you have diagnosed my cold, and written me a prescription. On the way out I pay your secretary with the nice legs R300.
    But, you say, you studied seven years just in case it was not a cold but freakin’ hairy spider meningitis.

    Well, I did a six years apprenticeship ...
  2. Anvils and hammers and fires, three big projects

    Last Saturday we had a SABA meeting at Stu's place, and me being off in my own private world missed a lot of what was said. According to Neels, I made the owner of a small anvil that was mounted at the ideal height for me, extremely worried when I hit a short taper on a 20mm piece of rebar to test Stu's very weird Jap hammer. I had to step on the anvil stand by the third blow to keep it from walking away. Nice hammer, but the handle needs to be a bit thinner.

    In any case, the past ...

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  3. Ummmm....

    Having just read Tiaan's long Blog (something akin to his long drop metaphor) I thought I write some irrelevance of my own. Having a total lack of subject matter i thought i might discuss my guild knives and application (for those who care) assuming that this is what a blog is for.

    I have been procrastinating for a few years now with my guild application. Firstly because I felt I was not good enough and when I finally overcame my own self sabotage it became a time thing. I made what ...
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  4. Home Forum Blogs What's New...

    For a couple of weeks or maybe a couple of days I have been seeing this new tab: "Blogs". Today I clicked on it, and it shows nothing. No results, niks. What is a "blog" anyway? The word sounds like something unsavoury landing after a very long drop. "Log" I know, from watching too many episodes of William Shatner doing his Captain Kirk thing "Ships log Stardate we blasted seven Romulans, a Borg and a Klingon to their various gods..." So I guess ...

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