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  1. Talking Steel and heat treatment.

    To all enthusiasts…

    Whether you are a veteran or a new comer to this game, should you have a question relating to steel or heat treatment and what sets steels apart from one another, I am sure that I will be able to assist. Should I not have the answer… I most certainly have the toys to get to the bottom of any pressing question. I own a Metallurgical Testing Laboratory based in Gauteng [url][/url] which is SANAS Accredited. This forwards me the opportunity ...
  2. Soul of a knife

    Knife of soul? I've always wondered about that. I have read the paragraphs about the artist imbuing his soul into the steel through hammer blows,heat treatment and other stages in the making of something special. I've also read of it romanticized in legends like Excalibur and also of people asking where the soul is and can you point to it in the knife. Or, cold steel don't have soul son, it's got edge, toughness and nothing like it when you just need a knife.
    Got me thinking that both ...

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  3. The weekend

    As a software developer who stares at a computer screen for most of the week, when the weekend arrives I ditch the laptop and get away from working in my head to working with my hands. I've been following this ritual for 10 plus years, this desire to create something physical with purpose, with form and function and most importantly, something I want to make.
    I'm not taking about painting the wall or repairing the gate or any DIY task that my wife wants fixed. There are plumbers, painters, ...

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  4. Blade Aftermath...........

    The show began a little slow this year as the memorial weekend delayed the early set up of the booths. Usually the show is all set up by thursday at noon but this year they were still working on the friday morning. As a result it seemed that things got off to a slow start but as usual much of the very popular stuff was sold before the show officially opened.

    The show had a distinctly different feel this year compared to two years ago. Many of the serious collectors were not present ...
  5. Steven Blade Show Blog.

    Hi Folks,

    Well I left SA about three weeks ago and stopped in London to see my folks. London was freezing with some daily temperatures as low as 6c!

    Walking around London the place has a distinct air of austerity. The usual busy West End Streets were very quiet and a number of the shops I went into were all but empty.

    One of the things I really used to enjoy doing in London was visiting the huge record and DVD stores to browse for hard to find albums ...
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