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  1. look after yourselves

    I was playing merrily with my kids on Sunday and while hoisting one of them in the air, as I have done so many times, something pulled in my wrist. For the first few hours I couldn't even pick up a glass of water. Much ice and anti inflammatories later I can use my hand for the most part. Now I pride myself in having pretty strong hands. When I went to the physio to have my wrists checked out she did a test that said i had a 70kg pressure grip in my right hand. It is now pretty much useless for ...
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  2. My first Subhilt figter almost done.

    This is my first Subhilt fighter. Wild Olive handle slabs.[ATTACH=CONFIG]3216[/ATTACH]
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  3. Bloemfontein Guild and Cape Guild shows

    Anticipating two great, yet very different knife shows!

    Bloemfontein: allthough small, high standards and interesting conversations to be expected.

    Cape Town: much bigger by attracting all the Cape provinces.

    Hope to see you there!
  4. A quick course in radical knifemaking

    [I]How to be non-conformist non-PC, a quick course in radical knifemaking[/I]

    The first step is to start caring deeply for your craft, to the point where you will walk up to a knifemaker at a show and tell him: "Please stop using those generic folder lazer cutout rubbish, come and visit me, I'll show you how to design your own."
    Give away your skills, improve other knifemakers who do similar work. They are not competition, they each have hundreds of friends who each ...

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  5. Why I make

    Today was the first day of Huntex. I sold some knives, made some friends, saw a lot of old friends and came home feeling empty. With the city gone quiet and the family asleep I thought about this emptiness and I realised that I was busy putting what should be in my heart in my head. Knifemaking was becoming a numbers game. I was losing sight of why I make knives, and more specifically why I forge knives.

    Let me try to explain this in word pictures. I take some coal and set it on ...
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