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    Hi Folks,

    Well I left SA about three weeks ago and stopped in London to see my folks. London was freezing with some daily temperatures as low as 6c!

    Walking around London the place has a distinct air of austerity. The usual busy West End Streets were very quiet and a number of the shops I went into were all but empty.

    One of the things I really used to enjoy doing in London was visiting the huge record and DVD stores to browse for hard to find albums ...
    General SABlade
  2. Just in case...

    Too expensive you say? What do you do for a living? A doctor? Interesting… how long did you study, seven years? Well listen Mr. doctor. I have a cold, I know have a cold, so I come to you. Five minutes later you have diagnosed my cold, and written me a prescription. On the way out I pay your secretary with the nice legs R300.
    But, you say, you studied seven years just in case it was not a cold but freakin’ hairy spider meningitis.

    Well, I did a six years apprenticeship ...
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    For a couple of weeks or maybe a couple of days I have been seeing this new tab: "Blogs". Today I clicked on it, and it shows nothing. No results, niks. What is a "blog" anyway? The word sounds like something unsavoury landing after a very long drop. "Log" I know, from watching too many episodes of William Shatner doing his Captain Kirk thing "Ships log Stardate we blasted seven Romulans, a Borg and a Klingon to their various gods..." So I guess ...

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    General SABlade